Erasmus Project - Together

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About Our ‘Together’ Project

Our Erasmus+ project, entitled ‘Together’, promotes understanding and acceptance of other cultures by making acquaintance with other young Europeans. We are working on this project with schools from Spain, Romania, Portugal, Ireland and the Czech Republic. Children from all our schools will be working on this project together, and it will include visits to each others’ schools for both pupils and staff. Involvement in this project will improve children’s adaptability and participation. This project includes  collaborative, positive activities that promote working together and celebrating differences. 
‘Together’ promotes increased pride in our natural environments, heritage and the cultural characteristics that make us unique. Through this project, we intend to broaden our horizons and knowledge of the vast continent in which we live, to experience and respect each others language and culture and to create an understanding that we are part of the natural environment and, as such, have a duty to care for and preserve it.
 We hope that children involved will learn new ways to express themselves. This partnership will encourage pupils creativity by involvement in different activities connected with the project as well as giving them the opportunity to share information with pupils from other countries. This project promotes communication and collaboration with other European schools to explore our different cultures. We will utilise ICT’s to bring us closer together and break down any barriers between us, taking care to promote responsible and careful use of ICT and remaining mindful of the impact that an online presence can have.
 ‘Together’ aims to help pupils, staff and the wider community to gain insight into the rich cultural and linguistic diversity that makes up the Europe of today. This project will help students develop their understanding of a wide range of cultures, heritage and their similarities and differences to our own. It will help all participants to become more tolerant towards others at home and abroad. Involvement will help participants to develop as individuals who can learn from one another and live positively with difference and diversity. Activities include project work on Cultural Heritage and Traditions over five themes: Landscapes, Cuisine, Games/Sports and Dance, Music and Crafts, Storytelling. Tradition Exchanges throughout the duration of the project will give great insight into our partner schools and involve pupils of all ages.