A Super Shape Week in Nursery

Nursery have been shape-tastic this week and have taken part in many ‘missions’ and activities involving 2d and 3d shapes. Pupils have been busy naming shapes, playing shape games, sorting shapes and building with shapes. So many pupils have been finding shapes all around and everyone listened so well when we created different shapes at snack time! Gwaith da Nursery.

Our letter sound of the week was ‘Uu’ and we read the story ‘Aliens Love Underpants’. It was a big hit. One ‘mission’ was to use 3d shapes to build a house for the alien left behind in the story. Some Nursery pupils took charge of their learning and even decided to build a rocket for the alien to return home!

In the creative area everyone used 2d shapes to create a shape alien friend for the one left behind. Nursery had to make choices and every one was different. Amazing.

It was all ‘Wash, wash, wash’ in the water tray. Nursery were busy washing underpants for the aliens and using their fine motor skills to peg them on the washing line. Do you know underpants begins with ‘u’? We do.