Group A - Rock climbing

Today we were looking forward to rock climbing because most of us have never actually done rock climbing so it was a new experience for us. After breakfast we were full of energy and ready to go. We packed all of our gear and lunch and then set off with Gethin and Jamie. We hiked down to the cliff we were all so excited! After Gethin and Jamie put the ropes up we went down to start climbing. Some people were really scared and some really confident. Everybody had a go and enjoyed it. After a while our hands were red and our arms ached. We looked over and we saw a huge wave forming. The wave got closer and closerc! Most of us were terrified and then the wave hit the rocks and the water drenched us and our bags? . We finished our day with a stroll down to the ice cream parlour and got a well deserved scoop of ice cream! We are looking forward to seeing what we are up to tomorrow.

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