Support for Autistic Adults, Partners and Parent Carers of Autistic People


In response to the Coronavirus Covid-19 outbreak and Government advice around social distancing, Western Bay Integrated Autism Service now offers the following types of support:

Email or telephone support for autistic adults, partners and parent carers of autistic people, who may be concerned about the impact of Coronavirus (covid-19), social distancing and self-isolation on them and their families.

Telephone advice for professionals about how best to support autistic individuals at this time.(Please note that the IAS is not a crisis team, if concerns are of an urgent nature, there please contact the relevant service, e.g. G.P, Mental Health Service, Crisis Team, Police, Social Services etc.)

Website (or click on link):

Email address:<>

Telephone:  01639 862 936. (Please leave a message if you are unable to email.)

Regards Helena Griffiths ALNCo