Flipped Learning KS2

Flipped Learning

Teaching and learning at Penllergaer Primary focuses on what we teach and learn, how we teach and learn and why we are teaching and learning something. This means all learners get a taste of SALT!

S – Stimulus to interest and engage

A – Authentic (purposeful and relevant)

L – Learning skills, knowledge and experiences (SKE)

T – Transferring SKE learnt across the curriculum

All pupils have an opportunity to influence their learning. Teachers ensure pupils are offered a broad and balanced curriculum centred on the four purposes of Curriculum for Wales: Our National Mission. Staff use a range of pedagogical approaches in an environment that promotes independence, interdependence and resilience.

At Penllergaer we offer a flipped approach to our fortnightly class work. Flipped learning is an approach in which pupils are introduced to learning material prior to lessons. This might include watching video explanations of key concepts or techniques, or completing problems or activities that assess prior learning. We aim to extend the flipped approach by ensuring materials developed for pupils can be used prior, during and after lessons to prepare, practice and extend.

Teachers upload the fortnightly class tasks into Hwb – Microsoft Teams Class. This means every child can access most of the work that will be covered in class, at any time, whether you are in school or isolating at home. 

Click here to access Office 365 on HWB.

Parents can help you prepare for the week ahead or practice what has been done in class. We cannot duplicate all teaching done in school for you to access at home, and there is no expectation that your parents must teach you at home. However, this new flipped approach will support continuity of leaning whilst you are at home. The work can be done at anytime. You can pause and replay videos as many times as you need.

Any work you upload to the Microsoft Teams Class that you have done whilst self-isolating, can be discussed with your teacher when you return to school. You must look at the due date as this is the last day the work will be looked at.

The teacher will make a check-in call once a week to anyone who is isolating.