G.D.P.R. and Privacy Notice

The Data protection law in the UK changed in May 2018.

This link will take you to a very short video that explains these changes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ua_LzUJ_wu8&t=1s

We have strict data protection processes in place. A lot of the work carried out by the school does not require your consent as it forms part of the daily functions of a school. However, we will require your consent for certain additional aspects to be compliant with the regulations. An example of this is the request from HWB to provide your child with additional features and resources. We will issue new Permission Packs at the beginning of every academic year for you to complete. These will cover aspects such as the administration of medicine, visits in the immediate locality, collection at the end of the school day, request for absence, taking photos, twitter and our school website to name but a few.