Group C - Adventure Walk

Today Group C went on an amazing walk and saw many interesting sites within North Gower country side. One of the first things we saw was an old farm house. It was built in 1550. After a further trek, we all had lots of fun seeing the old school ruins in Llanmadoc, which now has been taken over by the wild sheep. We stopped off there to have some tasty lunch and then started back up on our travels. We have learned a lot about the history of the Gower. We saw an old pig sty made out of stone which was 400 years old. We also learned some facts about window taxes in the Georgian times. After, we made it to one of the best cafes in the Gower, the “Cwm Ivy cafe”. We all had a lovely time. At the end of this breathtaking walk we had a competition, which was to guess how many steps we had walked and the distance. We walked over 17,000 steps and 13.2 km. We are all really tired after this long but incredible walk.


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