The Butterfly Hunter and Year 5/6

Year 5/6 have had a great day out, learning about Alfred Russel Wallace, The Butterfly Hunter. He was a Welsh Victorian naturalist who did a lot of research into natural selection and evolution. He did some of his first work in the Swansea museum and he even met Penllergaer’s Dillwyn Llewelyn. Wallace later travelled all around the world, having many adventures as well as developing his theories.

Wallace’s life story was what we watched in the theatre. It only had 3 actors, and 1 actor played 8 plays. There was some very quick costume changes! It was brilliantly put together and a great watch. After the show we were able to ask the actors questions.

We worked in the very room that Wallace had studied in. We looked at lots of artefacts and talked about the ethics of using animals for research.

We also found out about the British empire and some of the inventions that came about in the Victorian period. We were also able to investigate artefacts from the Victorian era and decide which we would take on a trip to the Amazon.

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