Writing workshop with David Brayley

What a great session today. Dave has been sharing with us some of the techniques he uses when writing. We are using a cricketing theme today.

We started off thinking about vocabulary to describe actions and emotions whilst looking at various film clips. Dave was really impressed with our range of words . To describe success we had jubilant, ecstasy, exuberant and euphoria. For a description of a great catch we came up with clutched, gymnastic, desperate and staggering.

Dave brought in some cricketing equipment used by famous cricketers. We then described these.

After exploring all these items we turn to the task. We watch a clip of a cricketer who is hit by a ball. We have to imagine what we would feel like if we were the next batsman in. Before writing, Dave showed us how he plans. It’s all about choosing ideas and interesting vocabulary to help with describing and developing the ideas.

Having completed our plan we then started to think about writing our story, remembering to link to our plan. Dave kept reminding us, “Go back to the plan!”

We all made an excellent start before lunch.

Now to finish them …

A fantastic morning with lots of learning. We also learnt loads about cricket!